Real Estate Fund Management

The Libertas Group positions itself as a “facilitator”, converting into structured services its responses to the needs and suggestions it receives from its clients, seeking in this way to provide a differentiated hospitality service. In regard to tourism projects, we ensure the excellence of our services through our own operations or by selecting sound hotel operators. We offer support services to the owners of holiday homes which include rent management solutions and utility contracting, among others, with a view to optimising their leisure time.

In the office segment, we see centralisation and resource sharing as valuable means for generating economic and energy efficiency gains, as well as a way of providing more time for our clients. These services are a natural extension of our portfolio of activities –

constituting an organic broadening of our real estate product to include additional services.


Business Centers


LiberOffice Avenida is an office building located on Avenida da Liberdade in Lisbon, where office rental services, meeting rooms for internal and external companies, and virtual office service are provided, offering a commercial and fiscal address to undertakings which so request.

Project management

Part of Libertas Group’s strategy is the coordination and management of the whole design and construction process, defining with the client the basis of the project scope. Ensuring the parameters of quality and term.